POSTPONED - UK Defence Estate: Strategic Asset and National Endowment Paper Launch

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 The launch of an independent review of the UK's Defence Training Estate by Professor John Louth

The Defence Training Estate in the United Kingdom exists to enable the training of Service personnel to Single Service and joint operational readiness standards of military effectiveness. It is utilised daily and the management of the Estate is far from a simple process. As well as meeting or exceeding established training standards, those responsible for the Estate are charged with maintaining and enhancing the natural and built environment, delivering against exacting environmental safety requirements and generating effective management information for the armed forces.

To respond to these exacting requirements and challenges, military skills and public sector management principles have been blended with private sector skills and competencies to effectively manage the Estate. Landmarc Support Services Limited is the incumbent managed service provider, working under a long-term partnering contract with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and British Army.

Landmarc commissioned Professor John Louth, an independent Defence analyst and the inaugural director of RUSI’s Defence, Industries and Society Research Programme between 2011 and 2019, to undertake an independent review of the Training Estate and the company’s stewardship. This was taken forward in consultation with DIO, cognisant of the MoD’s Training Strategy, plans for Estate transformation and regional optimisation plans. The focus of the research was to be on thought leadership and innovation in relation to the Defence Training Estate. 


Coffee will be served between 1630 – 1700. Drinks reception will follow the launch.


Refreshments at this event have been provided by Landmarc.


Speaker Biography

Professor John Louth is an author, adviser and researcher working in the spaces where government, politics, the military, commerce, the third sector and general public intersect. His passion is to understand and explain the challenges and opportunities of defence capability generation and management drawn from a complex public-private enterprise, embracing defence prime contractors, technologists, SMEs, the armed forces, families, investors and governmental decision makers.

John was the inaugural director of defence, industries and society research at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, the world’s leading defence and security think tank. He is a specialist adviser to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee and a non-executive member of the UK Government’s Advisory Board on Service Housing. John has also acted as a non-executive director/advisory board member for NDI Ltd and is a non-executive director of Subsea Craft Ltd.

He served as an officer in the Royal Air Force for sixteen years before working as an executive in defence businesses where his work included the audit and governance of the UK strategic deterrent. John spent part of his career in the Middle East running separate national programmes to develop defence capacity across a number of Gulf states. He has worked as a senior adviser to the European Defence Agency on the development of pan-European procurement policies and practices and provides visiting professorial lectures and PhD supervision to University College, London, the Strategy School at the University of Exeter and to the Roehampton University Business School in London. John’s work is published across a broad spectrum of outlets and he is a regular commentator to the BBC, ITN and Sky News. His latest book on UK defence was published by Routledge at the beginning of 2019.

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