Post-Sanctions Iran: In Conversation with Mohammed Nahavandian, Chief of Staff to President Hassan Rouhani

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In his presentation, Mohammed Nahavandian, Chief of Staff to President Hassan Rouhani,  provided an Iranian perspective on the impact of the lifting of sanctions of Iran's economy and investment climate.

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On 11 January, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani pledged that 2016 would be a 'year of economic prosperity' for the country. Since the lifting of the sanctions regime just days after this announcement, there has been a great deal of optimism about the opening of Iran's doors to the outside world and the opportunities for investment and economic cooperation.

To explore this significant development in more detail, Mohammed Nahavandian, Chief of Staff to the President of Iran, was in conversation with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI, discussing, among other things, how the lifting of sanctions is likely to affect Iran's growth, what areas the government will prioritise in terms of investment, and what key challenges the administration faces as it tries to ensure its planned 8% annual growth.


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