Peacebuilding During a Health Crisis: Lessons from the Africa Ebola Epidemic

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A webinar with practitioners on lessons learned from the Africa Ebola epidemic and how such lessons could be integrated into the response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. 

The COVID- 19 pandemic has triggered new reflections around the impact of such crises on countries and communities, and how humanitarian, peace and development actors should react. In this webinar, practitioners involved in the response to Ebola in Africa shared their insights and lessons learned that could be integrated into a more holistic response to COVID- 19. They highlighted the importance of understanding these crises as multi-dimensional challenges, where coordination, community engagement, sensitivity to local contexts and conflict dynamics, and the enhancement of local leadership and resilience are key. 

Panellists include: 

  • Ms Cerue Konah Garlo, Peacebuilding Activist and Civil Society Leader, Liberia;
  • Dr Nene Morisho, Senior Researcher and Co-ordinator at the Pole Institute, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The webinar will be moderated by Scott Weber, President, Interpeace.


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