Paper Launch: Performing Information Manoeuvre Through Persistent Engagement

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At this launch event Nick Reynolds explores RUSI's independent study examining the information operating environment.

Military activity in the information domain has always been a key element of warfare. However today we face significant changes in the information operating environment that armed forces must adapt to meet. The density of information is increasing dramatically, outstripping the capacity for data to be processed. Furthermore because the target audience of information operations are also now content producers, and generate data relevant to targeting, transmitted across bearer networks that also support military systems, we are seeing the merging of a number of silos of military activity. There is therefore a need for new military concepts to inform how forces synergise their manoeuvre on the physical and virtual battlefields.

The British Army has developed the concept of Information Manoeuvre to explore how the Army must adapt to remain competitive in the future operating environment. In 2019 the Army commissioned RUSI to conduct an independent study examining how the information operating environment had changed, who is most prominently affected by it, and to explore the implications for traditional military concepts such as operational tempo, command and control, and effects.

This launch sees the report’s author, Nick Reynolds, present key findings, followed by a Q&A.

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