Our Boys: The Story of a Falklands Paratrooper

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Helen Parr, winner of the 2019 Duke of Wellington Medal for Military History brought to life the experiences of the paratroopers who fought in the Falklands War, and examines the conflict’s aftermath

IIn her book Our Boys: The Story of a Falklands Paratrooper, Parr draws on the experiences of the people who were there and the personal story of her uncle David, who was killed during the conflict.

She highlighted the prominent role of the Parachute Regiment – fighting key battles and winning both the war’s Victoria Crosses – and shows how it transformed their public image.

Join Parr as she brings the conflict to life and examines how it started to shift Britain’s relationship with its soldiers, and our attitudes to war.

This event, held at the Foyle Centre, National Army Museum, is followed by a book signing with the author.

This event is supported by RUSI – Royal United Services Institute.

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