North Korea's Ambitions for Space

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The second in a series of events exploring non-traditional security challenges in the context of North Korea. The discussion will focus on the country’s space ambitions.

Traditional security concerns about North Korea often relate to Pyongyang’s belligerent statements and developments in its nuclear and missile capabilities, as well as its human rights abuses. Yet North Korea’s space ambitions require more nuanced attention. To what extent can the country’s technological advances aid a space programme? Is the announced civil space programme just a smokescreen for further development of ballistic missiles? What are the plans regarding the recently announced reconnaissance satellite fleet? These and other questions will be tackled by our panel of experts.


Dr Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation

Melissa Hanham, Affiliate with the Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation

Elizabeth Shim, Author of book “North Korea’s Nuclear Cinema: Simulation and Neoliberal Politics” from Bloomsbury Publishing

This webinar will be moderated by Juliana Suess, Research Analyst.

The event is kindly funded by the UniKorea Foundation.

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