Mapping a Pandemic: Lasting Consequences For The UK's Defence And Security Posture

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An online briefing from experts of the Royal United Services Institute on the impact of Covid-19 on the UK.

Handling the coronavirus pandemic remains the British government’s key focus in the weeks and months ahead; it absorbs almost all of Whitehall’s policy and planning capacity. But what might be the lasting consequences of the pandemic on the UK’s public spending priorities, altered geopolitical alignments, and wider role in the world? And how much should the current priorities of Britain’s Armed Forces be altered as a consequence of the economic stringencies and different domestic political landscape?

When the dust settles on the health crisis, all these questions will require a significant rethink of the resourcing and conclusions of the current Integrated Review.

To guide us through the debate on priorities and resources, our weekly “Mapping the Pandemic” webinar hosted Professor Malcolm Chalmers, RUSI’s Deputy Director General and Professor Beatrice Heuser, Professor of International Politics at the University of Glasgow.

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