London Roundtable of the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS) programme

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This roundtable will provide an early opportunity to discuss and ‘stress-test’ research into information sharing in the legal and private sector.

This roundtable will provide an early opportunity to discuss and ‘stress-test’ both the findings of the Institute of International Finance major survey into the legal environment for information sharing, placing the UK in context of 92 other jurisdictions, and the initial findings from the RUSI Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies interviews into the private sector experience of the range of ‘first wave’ information sharing mechanisms around the world.

The meeting will provide a forum for leaders from across the banking, professional services, policy, law enforcement and research communities to review the latest independent research on and experience of leading public/private information sharing mechanisms to fight financial crime.

The event will include two interactive presentations, with discussion initiated by both new and work-in-progress research findings. Senior level engagement from a range of banks involved in UK JMLIT, as well as other key stakeholders involved in supporting financial integrity in the UK from professional services to leaders in research and academia, will be expected.  

Aims and objectives of the London FFIS workshop:

The key aims of the London workshop are to convene expert discussion on:

  1. FFIS early interview findings, including private sector perspectives on the 'first-wave' information sharing, (emphasis on UK/US comparison)
  2. Socialising private sector perspectives on the motivations, effectiveness and constraints of engaging in UK JMLIT
  3. Discussing opportunities for the further development of UK information sharing

The Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing programme is delivered in partnership with NJM Advisory and is generously supported by HSBC, EY LLP and Thomson Reuters.

This event is by invitation only. For more information please contact RUSI Events at


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