International Security in Transformation

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This webinar launched a new initiative on the security issues facing the international community, with General (Ret) David Petraeus, former CIA Director, and RUSI Chair Sir David Lidington together with leading experts from RUSI.

At a time of such far-reaching changes, the RUSI International Security Studies research group is launching the to explore the key developments reshaping security around the world. The Initiative will focus on mapping and understanding the key actors of the multipolar world, the new patterns of global and regional geopolitics, emerging sources of risk, competition and contest, and the evolving architecture of security cooperation.


  • Introduction given by Dr Neil Melvin, Director, International Security Studies, RUSI

  • An 'in conversation with' session with Sir David Lidington, chaired by Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director General, RUSI. Sir David Lidington became Chair of RUSI in July 2020.


    He takes up his post as Europe is confronted by fundamental challenges to its regional and international relations. What are the major threats to the UK and its allies and partners in Europe and around the world? How should the UK respond to the changes underway in international security? What role can RUSI play in response to the emerging agenda of global and regional security challenges?

  • One of the most significant security shifts in recent years has been the growing geopolitical competition in key regions of the world. While the Sino-US relationship is a factor in many of these regions, middle powers – including Russia, Turkey, the Gulf states, India, Australia, Japan and European nations – are increasingly looking to set regional security agendas. What are the major drivers of the shifting security dynamics in regional security around the world? What new types of cooperation are emerging in the form of minilateralism and alliances, to manage regional security?



    • Veerle Nouwens, Navigating the Indo-Pacific Programme
    • Emily Ferris, Russia and the World Programme
    • Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Unpacking the Middle East and North Africa Programme
    • Dr Andrew Tchie, Africa in Perspective Programme
    • Aaditya Dave, Navigating the Indo-Pacific Programme


    Chair: Dr Neil Melvin, Director, International Security Studies, RUSI

  • General (Ret) David H Petraeus discusses the United States and the Future of International Peace and Security with Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI, as chair.


    While America’s dominance is fading, it remains the pivotal power in shaping a new security order. There is, however, considerable uncertainty about the direction that the United States will follow in the face of rising geopolitical competition and conflict. What are the future US security priorities? How does the US look upon its existing alliances and multilateral frameworks, including with the UK and Europe, in the new security environment? What new partnerships will the US seek to forge? How important is the upcoming US Presidential election for international security?

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