The Imperial War Museum’s Second World War and Holocaust Galleries

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James Bulgin, Head of Content for the IWM’s new Holocaust Galleries, will share with us his experience in developing these ground-breaking galleries for a modern audience.

Our lives have been shaped by the legacy of the Second World War and the Holocaust. Yet despite the magnitude of these events and the extent to which they continue to loom within our contemporary culture, their broader context and implications are not generally well understood. For instance, a 2016 study of 8,000 English secondary school pupils showed that 63% of young people did not know what the term ‘antisemitism’ meant. Yet how can we make sense of the present if we do not understand the factors that moulded it?

James Bulgin will explore the impact of the Holocaust on popular culture and the changing ways in which the subject has been approached over the last 75 years.

Opening this autumn, the £30.7 million development project will make IWM London the first museum in the world to house dedicated Second World War Galleries and Holocaust Galleries under the same roof. Allowing visitors to truly reflect on these momentous 20th century events and grasp the inextricable link between them, the galleries seek to engage a new generation of museum visitors with this complex and formative period of human history.

Further information about IWM’s Second World War and Holocaust Galleries is available here.

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Speaker biography

James Bulgin completed an MA in Holocaust Studies at Royal Holloway College, University of London and is currently working on a PhD at the same university. His research interests are focused on issues of Holocaust representation and interpretation and the apocalyptic cultural imagination of the Cold War

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