Impact of the US elections on the MENA

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This webinar explores the reactions to and implications for the MENA region of the US elections. 

The event, organised by the Unpacking the MENA programme, explores the reactions to and implications of the US elections for countries in the MENA region. Among the topics, It looks at what a new US administration will mean for the UK’s policy in the region; explore prospects for the normalisation of relations between Israel and the Gulf countries; assess the likelihood of further US troops withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq and how stability in these countries may be affected; examine how Turkey’s regional foreign policy will be impacted; and consider the chances for a resolution to the Libyan crisis.

The event is chaired by Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Senior Research Fellow and lead of the Unpacking the MENA programme, and will feature the programme’s Fellows.

Tobias Borck, Associate Fellow, RUSI

Dr Antonio Giustozzi, Associate Fellow, RUSI

Dr Hisham Hellyer, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI

Clovis Meath Baker, Associate Fellow, RUSI

Dr Ziya Meral, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI

Dr Gareth Stansfield, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI

Michael Stephens, Associate Fellow, RUSI

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