Global Terrorism Index 2015 Launch

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Steve Killelea, Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics & Peace, will present findings from the Global Terrorism Index 2015: the world’s leading metric for policymakers in their efforts to track and understand how to measure the impacts and underlying drivers of terrorism.

This year’s Index will cast a new light on the current terrorist threat picture, exploring the actual impact of groups like ISIL, Al-Qa'ida and other non-state terrorist organizations.

Produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace the Global Terrorism Index scores 162 countries over the last 14 years (from 2001 to 2014). It scores countries by aggregating the number of terrorist incidents, number of fatalities, injuries and the amount of property damage and then weighting the results over five years with the highest weighting being the most recent year.

The Global Terrorism Index explores significant correlations with other important indicators such as education, poverty, governance, etc. Moreover, it sheds light on trends in terrorism over the last 14 years, allowing analysis of which regions and countries have seen to biggest growth/reduction in terrorism.

Speakers will include:

Khalid Koser, Executive Director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund.

A drinks reception will follow this event. To register please click the 'register now' button above.

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