From Generalities to Technicalities: The Iran Nuclear Framework

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After an intense diplomatic marathon, Tehran and Washington have reached a preliminary deal over Iran’s nuclear programme. The devil remains in the detail, however, as there are still delicate issues to be resolved by the end of June. For both parties, the real diplomatic test may just be beginning.

However, sensitive issues remain, such as the inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites, the neutralization of its nuclear stockpile, and the timing of sanctions relief. Each could prove to be an insurmountable challenge as negotiators seek to finalise an accord by 30 June. Though Washington and Tehran remain positive, the real diplomatic test may just be beginning.

RUSI’s Under 35s Forum and the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is delighted to host ‘From Generalities to Technicalities: The Iran Nuclear Framework’ which will discuss the significance of the current agreement for Iran and the West, the realistic chances of a successful outcome to the negotiations, and the sticking points that will need to be overcome.

Chaired by Andrea Berger, Deputy Director of Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, RUSI, our speakers include:

  • Dina Esfandiary, Research Associate, MacArthur Fellow, Kings College London
  • Timothy Stafford, Research Analyst, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, RUSI
  • Chris Cantor, Political Counsellor, Embassy of Israel

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