Extreme Threats to the UK

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The Royal Aeronautical Society and Royal United Services Institute are proud to present a two-day virtual conference on possible long-term extreme threats to the UK.

The UK’s nuclear deterrent is intended to ensure its security against the most extreme threats. According to the 2015 National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review, “it would be irresponsible to assume that the UK will not in the foreseeable future be confronted with the kinds of extreme threat to our security or way of life which nuclear weapons seek to deter”.

This conference will explore what those threats might look like in the long term, assessing what might need to be deterred and what might challenge nuclear deterrence as we know it over the multi-decade life of the current nuclear deterrent programme.

The conference will be opened with a keynote from NATO Assistant Secretary General Camille Grand, following which RUSI’s Tom Plant and Alexandra Stickings will join a line-up of industry and government experts to give their views on issues ranging across weapons of mass destruction, space technologies and space warfare, the future of biological threats, cyber technology and quantum computing.

Other Confirmed Speakers will include:

  • Professor Bryn James, Senior Fellow, Dstl
  • Dr Tracy Vine, Group Leader, Weapons Science, QinetiQ
  • James Gray, Managing Director, Cyber & Intelligence, Raytheon UK
  • Dr Cerys Rees, Fellow, CB Analysis & Attribution, Dstl
  • Dr Gemma Attrill, Senior Principal Scientist, Ministry of Defence, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  • Ilyas Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • Dr Mike Westmacott, Senior Cyber Security Researcher, Thales UK
  • Nick Harris, Principal Scientist, Dstl
  • Ella Fleming, Senior Analyst, Dstl
  • Stuart Cutting, Senior Manager, Missiles and Fire Control, Lockheed Martin UK

Please note that RUSI Members will recieve the Royal Aeronautical Society Member Booking Rate.


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