Europe and Migration: How can the flows be managed?

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RUSI hosted the third RUSI-Ditchley Foundation roundtable, focusing on challenges posed by growing flows of migration to Europe. The panelists were former Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Charles Clarke now Visiting Professor, School of Politics, University of East Anglia, and former chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips OBE, now Director, WebberPhillips. 

Download remarks (MP3) of Charles Clarke and Trevor Phillips here

This roundtable followed the Ditchley Foundation's conference in February, which brought together politicians, officials, experts and others from across Europe to discuss the challenges of migration.  The RUSI-Ditchley Foundation roundtables are part of a series designed to bring the Ditchley Foundation conferences to a wider audience.

With many nations being stretched to their limits by the migration flows from North Africa and Turkey and immigration rising up the political agenda across Europe, it was clear at the conference’s discussions that the very concept of European solidarity and burden sharing is being pushed to its limits.

For more information about the latest conference, please click here.

RUSI welcomed a distinguished panel of speakers to look again at some of the key conclusions from the conference, and to discuss with a wider audience how the migration flows can be managed. The event was chaired by Sir John Holmes, Director of the Ditchley Foundation, and he was joined by the following panellists:

  • The Rt Hon Charles Clarke, Visiting Professor, School of Politics, University of East Anglia
  • Trevor Phillips OBE, Director,WebberPhillips 


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