Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Lived Experiences in the British Army

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The British Army has long been challenged to meet calls for diversity among officers and other ranks, to reflect the ethnic makeup of the UK and the contribution of Commonwealth countries.

As the Assistant Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Dr Balissa Greene outlines the British Army’s journey towards diversity, equity and inclusion, from the realities of funding constraints to evidence of progress, and the roles that those currently serving play in the recruitment and retention of soldiers from diverse backgrounds.

The experiences of Commonwealth soldiers serving in the British Army as well as attitudes in the UK on questions of ethnicity and nationality will also feature in the conversation, which will be chaired by RUSI Senior Research Fellow in Military Sciences Paul O’Neill.

This event is open to all.


  • Dr Balissa Greene

    Dr Balissa Greene is an award-winning occupational psychologist with over 15 years of leadership experience in both large and small organisations. She completed her doctorate on the experience of Commonwealth personnel in the British Army.

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