Cyber Crime and Russian-speaking Communities

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This panel discussion will focus on cyber criminality emanating from Russian-speaking territories.

Much of the current strategic focus in cyber security focuses on the challenge which appears to emanate from Russian-speaking territories. This has primarily focused on allegations of governmental activity in espionage, sabotage and subversion and in particular in actions designed to undermine the democratic process in the West. Against a background of increased tension since the 2013 Maidan protests and geo-political developments in Ukraine, diplomatic relations are strained and there is very little bilateral government to government contact between the UK and Russia, let alone on issues of cyber security.

However, both the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom share the challenge of combating cyber criminality. It has been argued that a significant proportion of this criminality originates in Russian-speaking territories and indeed at the recent RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, Anton Ivanov of Kaspersky identified that 75% of the most effective crypto-ransomware packages it had identified in the past 12 months were developed by Russian-speaking criminals. This is as much a challenge in Russia as outside, with the Bank of Russia identifying a doubling in the number of DDOS attacks in 2016 and a significant increase in social engineered Phishing attacks month by month. 

Following on from a private roundtable discussion, this panel event will include representation from Group IB, Digital Shadows and a large UK bank and will consider questions including:

  • What is the shape of cyber criminality emanating from Russian-speaking territories?
  • What opportunities are there for shared approaches to crime prevention?
  • What opportunities exist for information sharing given the lack of government to government contact at this time?
  • What are the challenges for law enforcement in responding to cyber criminality originating in Russian-speaking territories?

Speakers Include

James Chappell, CTO and Co-founder, Digital Shadows

Paul Branley, Head of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Large UK Bank

Dmitry Volkov, Head of Threat Intelligence Department and Co-founder, Group IB

Afternoon Programme

1330 - Tea and Coffee
1400 - Panel Discussion and Q&A
1600-1730 - Drinks Reception

Prices (excluding VAT)

Standard - £50

RUSI Corporate Member - £40

Student* - £20

*A limited number of student tickets are available. Please register using a valid .ac email address.


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