Covid-19: What’s next for financial crime policy and digital identity

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Virtual Panel hosted by K2 Intelligence Financial Integrity Network (K2-FIN) and the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Overnight, the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled the flames of financial crime policy debates that have been burning for a number of years – including what effective identification should look like in a digital era. We now are faced with the question: will this crisis accelerate changes or alter the trajectory of compliance risk management?

Regulators and financial institutions alike are grappling with disruption and innovation at an unprecedented pace and are having to provide their services and make risk-based resourcing decisions remotely. Financial crime compliance teams are redeploying resources as risks. Client demands, and policy demands change, requiring a level of agility only possible within a true risk-based approach. Just as the world’s population is adjusting to physical distancing, financial institutions also are encountering customers and the marketplace in a more digital and remote way. And the urgent need to provide government payments and other financial services and stimulus to underbanked populations has forced the imperatives and challenges of digital identity, the topic of the most recent FATF guidance, into the limelight.

This webinar will consider the short-term reality of this crisis for financial crime risk management and in particular how this moment may impact the policies, regulations, and innovations of digital identification in the financial system. This discussion follows on from a conference hosted by K2-FIN and CFCS at RUSI in September 2019 which looked at new technologies in the compliance risk management domain.  


Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Global Head of Financial Crime and Group General Manager, HSBC

Garrett Gafke, Chief Executive Officer, IdentityMind

Juan Zarate, Global Co-Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, K2-FIN


Tom Keatinge, Director, CFCS, RUSI

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