China’s Regional Ambitions: Tensions and Trends in Northeast Asian Security

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With the recent increase in Chinese military activity around Taiwan and in the Sea of Japan, what lies in store for the future of Northeast Asian security? How should Japan and its partners plan and respond?

The Chinese live-fire military drills following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan , the continued crossings of the Taiwan Strait median line, and Sino-Russian activity in the broader region including in the Sea of Japan have heightened tensions across Northeast Asia. China’s use of ‘grey zone’ activities – including cyber interference and drones – adds a further dimension to the pressure against Taiwan.

What is the future trajectory of China’s actions, and what exactly is it that China ultimately hopes to achieve? With comparisons being drawn between Ukraine and Taiwan, what Chinese military and non-military actions should observers be monitoring? Finally, how can neighbouring Japan respond to regional tensions, and what does this mean for Japan’s broader security partnerships?

RUSI’s Veerle Nouwens will be in discussion with Tomonori Yoshizaki and Yamaguchi Shinji of the National Institute for Defence Studies, Japan, and Malcolm Davis of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in this webinar, the first in a four-part series on security in the Indo-Pacific.

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