Borders and the Rules-Based International System: A Historical and Legal Basis

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A conference examining the current threats and challenges faced by the international rules-based system.

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It is a moment of great flux in the international environment. Established rules and structures are increasingly under threat and challenge from all sides. Borders are challenged by non-state terrorist groups and assertive powers claiming land, creating tensions that cut to the core of nationhood. Looking to history, it is possible to see other moments of equal challenge. 

The conference will bring together experts from around the world to address what lessons might be learned from these historical experiences.



Speakers will include:

Keynote remarks - The Rt Hon Mark Field MP, Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Michael J. Green, Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, CSIS

Dr Nguyen Hung Son, Director, Center for East Sea (South China Sea) Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Professor Atsuko Kanehara, Faculty of Law, Sophia University, Tokyo

Professor Steven Haines, Chair, Public International Law, University of Greenwich; Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI

Sessions will consider:

  • the role and relevance of historical claims over territorial issues, considering how international tribunals have examined historical factors in the context of historical/ancient titles and historical rights;
  • the significance of international law in terms of the peaceful settlement of territorial issues (of both Asia and Europe) and how the rule of law in settling territorial issues can be strengthened taking The Philippines v China, and Croatia v Slovenia as case studies;
  • from the perspective of international politics, how the international community can manage such challenges respecting international law and discuss how the rule of law has been contributing to the maintenance of stable international order.

This event is open to all and is free to attend. To register please click on the register now button above.

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