Asia-Pacific Cyber Security

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A lecture by Dr Tobias Feakin, Director of National Security Programs, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

Over the past ten years, the Asia-Pacific region has increasingly become a global point of strategic interest and competition. While the United States has renewed its economic and military focus in the region, China has rapidly modernised and expanded its military forces, and tested the boundaries of international norms in the South and East China Seas. Both countries seek to influence nations in the region in order to gain greatest access to Asia’s rapidly expanding markets and this competition is mirrored in cyberspace.

In the past year, the Sony Hack and continuing tensions regarding cyber espionage between the US and China have increased the focus on cyber activities in the region. In his lecture, Dr Feakin will examine cyber developments across the Asia-Pacific region, assessing how well nations are performing in terms of their ability to establish workable governance structures, tackle economic cybercrime, establish military cyber capabilities and reap rewards from the digital economy.

Dr Tobias Feakin joined ASPI October 2012. He is Director of National Security Programs, coordinating all of the Institute's work in this space. He examines issues relating to national security policy, cyber security, global counter-terrorism, resilience, critical infrastructure protection. He established the International Cyber Policy Centre at ASPI in 2013 and is Director of Centre. In this role he researches how cyberspace is used for nefarious purposes, by state and non-state actors, creating collaborative policy responses, and creating national and international cooperation in cyberspace. His latest research examines Asia-Pacific Cyber Maturity and state responses to cyber incidents. In 2014 he was appointed by the Australian Prime Minister to be part of the 'Independent Panel of Experts' to the Australian Cyber Security Review. He is an Oxford Martin Associate of the Devising Cyber Policy and Cyber Defence working group at the Oxford University Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, and a Research Advisor for the Global Commission on Internet Governance run by Chatham House. He has worked as a Research Fellow for the Landau Network, Centro-Volta in Italy, and the UK Home Office. He was previously Senior Research Fellow and Director of the National Security and Resilience department at the Royal United Services Institute in London, where he is still an Associate Fellow.

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