Armchair Discussion: Trident and the SDSR

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One of the first acts of the next Government will be publication of a Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), outlining the UK’s defence policy in the years ahead. With the life cycle of the UK’s existing fleet of Vanguard submarines having already been extended, the opportunity to postpone a decision on full renewal of the Trident system is limited.

As a result, the question of whether to renew the strategic deterrent – and in what form – is likely to be an early feature of deliberations. At the same time, the next Government will feel increased pressure to show through the SDSR that they are responding to major non-nuclear threats, including terrorism, Russian aggression in Ukraine, and cyber attacks. These pressures are likely to complicate an already complex process. At this event, former UK Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon will explore these issues in greater detail. He will discuss the options available to the Government with respect to Trident, how decisions regarding the deterrent will relate to the SDSR more broadly, and the extent to which the next Government’s freedom of action will be curtailed by political and budgetary pressures.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Geoff Hoon
Geoff Hoon was first elected as a Member of the European Parliament in 1984. He subsequently entered the House of Commons in 1992 as the Member of Parliament for Ashfield, a constituency he represented for eighteen years. After a brief period as the Minister for Europe, Mr Hoon was appointed as Secretary of State for Defence, a position he held from 1999-2005, making his tenure the second-longest in the history of the position. Mr Hoon subsequently served in a front line role as Secretary of State for Transport and Chief Whip, before choosing to stand down from the House of Commons in advance of the 2010 election. Mr Hoon is currently the Managing Director for International Business at Augusta Westland.

This event will be open to all UK PONI members. A drinks reception will be held following the event. To attend, please register online using the "Book your place" button above.

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