A New Engagement: Iran and the Global Community

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The Biden administration has revived the prospects of the JCPOA agreement. However, progress in discussion on both the reinstatement of the agreement and on Iran’s broader role in the region remains, at best, uneven.

This webinar, hosted by the Doha Forum in partnership with RUSI, draws together expert guests from the United States, Iran, and Europe to discuss the prospects of a new Iranian engagement. What shape will the engagement take, and in what ways will it define Iran’s relationship with key global actors? How will the potential lifting of the sanctions placed on Iran affect its population and the country’s broader economic wellbeing?


Sir Peter Westmacott, Former British ambassador to Turkey, France and the US

Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Senior Research Fellow at RUSI

Seyyed Mohammed Kazem Sajjadpour, President of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) and former senior diplomat

Chaired by Rageh Omar, ITV News International Affairs Editor

Event host

  • DOHA Forum

    This webinar is hosted by the Doha Forum in partnership with RUSI

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