A Financial Approach to Policing Organised Crime

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The threat from serious and organised crime to the UK’s national security has been growing in prominence over the past decade and with it greater recognition of the need to ensure that law enforcement’s full arsenal of tools are brought to bear in tackling this pernicious threat. With greater globalisation, the development of cyber capabilities and the ability to offend and move money across international borders, the changing threat requires a changing and 21st century government and law enforcement response. This includes recognition of the fact that almost all serious and organised crime is driven by profit and cannot operate without leaving an indelible financial footprint, which is ripe for exploration by law enforcement, both as a means of gathering valuable intelligence and evidence and as a means of recouping the proceeds of crime from the perpetrators.

Drives by policymakers since the inception of the UK’s Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (the legislative vehicle containing the majority of financial investigation tools) to ensure these tools are used routinely as part of the policing response to organised crime has been ongoing and sustained. Strategic commitments to ‘mainstream’ financial investigation into the response have been frequent. The extent to which these policy commitments have translated into meaningful cultural changes in law enforcement around the value and use of financial investigation and financial tools to tackle organised crime is less certain.

This event will draw on the experience of the speakers to explore examples of best practice as well as barriers to achieving the aim of ensuring that financial tools are part of the mainstream response to tackling serious and organised crime.

Speakers will include:

  • Mick Creedon, Former Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police and long-standing national policing lead for serious and organised crime, financial investigation, proceeds of crime and asset recovery.
  • Nick Price, Chief Crown Prosecutor – Proceeds of Crime.
  • Helena Wood, Associate Fellow, RUSI Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

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