'Citizens of London': Lynne Olson on the Transatlantic Relationship

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An ‘In Conversation’ event with the writer Lynne Olson and a senior US official, on the UK publication of her book 'Citizens of London: the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour'.

These key individuals were Edward R. Murrow, a prominent war journalist; Averell Harriman, a railroad magnate; and John G. Winant, the American ambassador to London from 1941 onwards. Each believed that it was America’s duty to help Britain win the war against Hitler - an opinion not always shared by their President or indeed the American people.

Ms Olson will discuss her behind-the-scenes account of how the US and Britain forged their alliance during WWII with a senior US official for 45 minutes; the event will then be followed by 15 minutes of book signings.

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