The New Security Architecture

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As Permanent Secretary for Intelligence, Security and Resilience, Sir Richard Mottram advises the Prime Minister on security, intelligence and emergency-related matters. A key undertaking is to ensure effective co-ordination of the UK’s intelligence community, providing a clear strategy for prioritising both collection and analytical efforts within Government and through its international partners; whilst also ensuring those intelligence agencies resources are used as cost-effectively as possible.

The Permanent Secretary's responsibilities also include being:

  • Principal Accounting Officer for the Single Intelligence Account
  • Chair of the Permanent Secretaries' Committee on the Intelligence Services
  • Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)

Previously Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office, MoD, Environment, Transport and Regions, and for Work and Pensions, Sir Richard will be expanding on how his new Security, Intelligence, Resilience responsibilities have contributed to a ‘New Security Architecture’.

This event is in association with the Mile End Group.

The lecture begins at 1830, please join us for refreshments before hand at 1800.

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