We Are Bellingcat: An Intelligence Agency for the People

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A conversation with Eliot Higgins on his new book, which is a gripping account of the most innovative practitioners of open-source intelligence and online journalism.

Bellingcat has redefined the way we think about news, politics, and the digital future. Its founder tells the story of how he and his team created a whole new concept of information-gathering, galvanising citizen journalists across the globe to expose war crimes and pick apart disinformation, and all from open-source data accessible through their computers.

Eliot expanded on some of Bellingcat's most successful investigations, including the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over Ukraine’s airspace in 2014, the sourcing of weapons in the Syrian Civil War, and the identification of the Salisbury poisoners in 2018. He will discuss the use of cutting-edge tools for analysing data, from virtual-reality software that can build photorealistic 3D models of a crime scene, to apps that can pinpoint what time of day a photograph was taken.

Eliot Higgins’ book was published by Bloomsbury in February 2021.

The webinar was moderated by Shashank Joshi, RUSI Advisory Board Member and Defence Editor, The Economist.

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