Under 35s Forum - Feral Cities and Urban Insecurity: A Failure of Design?

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The urban population in 2014 accounted for 54% of the total global population, up from 34% in 1960. Mega cities and urban slums are now sites of intense competition for housing, employment, and resources, extensive infrastructural decay, and unreliable and often corrupt security services. In many urban centres, these problems are manifest in various forms of social and economic conflict, disease, or parallel systems of urban governance between competing gangs or other non-state enterprises; the so-called  â€˜feral' city phenomenon.

More nuanced understandings of urban organisation are being considered in new security thinking, particularly as the roles and responsibilities of urban police forces, and criminal and political non-state actors, begin to play more significant roles in this environment.

Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrade in KhayelitshaA key component of this understanding is the nature of urban socio-spatial design: how spaces and architectural design can facilitate or suspend social conflict; how it could or should adapt to urban transformations; and how space is intrinsically linked to the notions of power and security in cities.

This Under 35s Forum will feature discussions on the security threat of failing cities and the intersection between design and security, as well as consider ways that designers can be incorporated into humanitarian or development programmes.

Speakers to be confirmed.

This event will dovetail the upcoming RUSI Resilience Conference, taking place on 26 and 27 October. More information about this event can be found here.

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