UK PONI Roundtable: Denuclearising North Korea

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North Korea has continued to feature in global headlines throughout 2018. However the focus this year has shifted from provocation and high tensions, to diplomatic initiatives in support of denuclearisation. So far progress in this area has been limited, and many challenges will need to be addressed before the Korean Peninsula is free of nuclear weapons.  

This roundtable will address both the technical and political challenges associated with denuclearisation.  It will focus on current efforts of engagement to reduce and remove North Korea‚Äôs nuclear weapons, the technical and verification aspects of denuclearisation, the approaches of regional governments and the future of diplomacy.


  • Tom Plant, Director of Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, RUSI.
  • Cristina Varriale, Research Fellow, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, RUSI

A light lunch will be provided. This event is open to UK PONI Members only.

This event is now sold out.

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