UK Nuclear Deterrence Policy and Doctrine

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With the support of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy London (YPFP), UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) is pleased to announce this roundtable event in the policy context surrounding the UK nuclear deterrent.

It is against the backdrop of our current challenging security environment that the deterrent becomes ever-more a part of the UK’s national security posture. The UK PONI in coordination with YPFP are pleased to announce our roundtable event on the policy and doctrine surrounding the UK Nuclear Deterrent.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your network and knowledge within the nuclear field. You will be gaining hands-on experience in a workshop setting. Topics will cover how the UK approaches nuclear deterrence, the ongoing need for it now, and the future of the programme.

We have an exciting agenda lined up that will run from 1830 to 2000 at RUSI Whitehall 61.

Speakers will include:

  • Nicole Kett, Director of Resources & Policy at Defence Nuclear Organisation (Ministry of Defence)
  • James Franklin, Deputy Director Nuclear Policy at Defence Nuclear Organisation (Ministry of Defence)


  • Sam Dudin, UK Nuclear Policy Research Fellow, RUSI 



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