Transatlantic Traumas: A discussion with Professor Stanley R. Sloan on the future of the West

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Professor Stanley R. Sloan will discuss his latest book, Transatlantic traumas: Has illiberalism brought the West to the brink of collapse?, which examines the external threats and internal instabilities challenging the fundamentals of the West.

These are traumatic times for transatlantic relations and particularly for those who believe in liberal democracy and the concept and values represented by “the West.” In his latest book, Transatlantic traumas: Has illiberalism brought the West to the brink of collapse?, Professor Sloan has examined how the combination of external threats to Western values and institutions posed by Russian meddling and Islamist terrorism have combined with internal illiberal political tendencies to challenge the very fundamentals of the West.

In the process, the foundations of both NATO and the European Union are being eroded. Compounding this problem, weak or divided political centres in Western countries on both sides of the Atlantic have failed to rise to the challenges including immigration, popular discontent and terrorism and left a path open for radical right populist movements and politicians.

To counteract this collapse, Professor Sloan recommends what he calls “radical centrist populism” as a way of dealing with the external threats and internal instabilities. Only by going down this route will the West reinvigorate liberal democracy and its institutions.

Stanley R. Sloan is a Visiting Scholar in Political Science at Middlebury College, a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Scowcroft Center of the Atlantic Council of the United States, and an Associate Fellow at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy. Before retiring from government service, he held positions as the Senior Specialist in International Security Policy with the Congressional Research Service, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Western Europe at the CIA and as an intelligence officer in the US Air Force.

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