Trading with China: A New Approach

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Greta Peisch, General Counsel, Office of the United States Trade Representative, will join a panel to discuss the new approach needed to address China’s non-market policies and practices.

This event is off the record and is not being recorded.

China employs a wide array of measures that provide unfair advantages and substantial support to Chinese industries across the economy, often in pursuit of specific aims in terms of production, capabilities, and market share acquisition. China’s state-led economic policies and practices distort fair market competition, negatively affecting workers and consumers in the US and Europe.

The panel will address the Biden administration’s approach to China’s non-market policies and practices, and will include a discussion of how US and UK companies assess political risk and balance values and long-term interests against the pursuit of near-term profits and competitiveness in global markets. This discussion is underscored by government and industry reactions to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Andrew Cainey, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI 

Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Senior Research Fellow, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House 

This event will be chaired by: Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships, RUSI


  • Greta Peisch

    Greta Peisch, General Counsel, Office of the United States Trade Representative

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