The Last Ring Home

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The Last Ring Home is a tribute to Lt Dial, the producer's grandfather, and all members of the Greatest Generation. It is also a journey of self-discovery, having an impact on the filmmaker, his wider family and many other people in its wake. This story, which took over 25 years of research, illustrates the importance of serendipity and the role of good and bad luck in piecing together a personal history of someone who died 70 years ago. The Last Ring Home is to inspire everyone to uncover their own personal history, to keep a foot in their past and the other in the future, and to be thankful for the tremendous present in which we live, thanks to the sacrifices of those who fought in WWII. 

Following the screening of the film there will be a discussion session with the producer of the film, Minter Dial.

Professor Graham Dawson and Dr Tom Brown will be joining the panel discussion.

Dr Tom Brown has a PhD Film Studies (University of Warwick), MA Film and Television Studies (University of Warwick), and BA Film Studies and French (University of Kent). He was previously a Lecturer in Film at the University of Reading.

Professor Dawson is professor of Historical Cultural Studies, with seminal publications on the cultural memory of war and legacies of post-conflict cultures. Professor Dawson's research is interdisciplinary, drawing on cultural studies, history, literature, cultural geography and psychoanalytic theory, to explore questions of temporality, representation, trauma, contested space, historical justice, and human rights. His publications include Soldier Heroes: British Adventure, Empire and the Imagining of Masculinities, and Making Peace with the Past? Memory, Trauma and the Irish Troubles. He co-founded the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories at Brighton, and the Understanding Conflict research cluster.

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The event will begin at 1730. To register please click on the 'Register Now' button or download the booking form below, complete and return it to Sabrina Downey at

Tickets are £5+VAT for students registering via a valid university email address, £7+VAT for RUSI Members and £10+VAT for non members. Tickets include the film screening, discussion and refreshments.

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