The Future of the India-Pakistan Relationship: Kashmir and Beyond

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The relationship between India and Pakistan stands at its lowest ebb in almost a decade. Last year, a series of terrorist attacks, an upsurge of protests in Kashmir, and India's claim of a special forces raid into Pakistan all contributed to heightened tension, cross-border shelling, and a war of words.

Internationally, Pakistan and China are moving closer together, while India is deepening its relationship with the United States as its ties with Beijing grow frayed. With a new Pakistan Army chief settling into office, India preparing for a year of crucial state elections, and both sides continuing to develop their nuclear and missile forces, 2017 may be similarly turbulent.

Shashank Joshi is a Senior Research Fellow at RUSI. He specialises in international security in South Asia and the Middle East, with a particular interest in Indian foreign and defence policy.

Dr Moeed Yusuf is the associate vice president of the Asia Center at the US Institute of Peace. His current research focuses on youth and democratic institutions in Pakistan, policy options to mitigate militancy in Pakistan and the South Asian region in general, and U.S. role in South Asian crisis management.

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