The Afghanistan-Pakistan Relationship: Quest for Regional Peace

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The Eid ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban offered hope for the stagnated peace process in Afghanistan. However, the resumption of large-scale fighting soon after and the Taliban attack on the city of Ghazni showed the continuing tensions and conflict that exist in the country.

 While a number of multilateral configurations have been attempted to stimulate dialogue towards peace, the bilateral Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship remains critical to any sustainable resolution. As both sides point fingers at each other in the aftermath of the Ghazni attack, there is an urgent need to foster greater communication and understanding between the two countries, not only on issues directly related to the conflict but also on economic and migration-related problems.

Following from the recent meeting of the Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Committee, this event will highlight some of the roadblocks in the relationship and outline where openings can be created for engagement between the neighbours.


Dr Shoaib Suddle, Senior Fellow, NUST Global Think Tank Network and head of the Pakistan delegation to the Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Committee

Hameed Hakimi, Research Associate, Asia-Pacific Programme, Chatham House

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