Terrorism – Old Threats Returning, New Threats Emerging: What Are The Key Longer Term Trends Business Needs To Worry About?

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The second in the webinar series from RUSI, supported by AIG and Talbot.

The threat of Islamist terrorism has not gone away, with the pandemic offering space to regroup and radicalise. Meanwhile, Covid-19 and Government responses to it have created opportunities for identifying and highlighting political, social, economic and racial grievances. Against this backdrop, the re-emergence of right-wing extremism is gathering pace, fuelled by social division and, in the US, a stridently partisan politics. And meanwhile on the Left, anger and frustration about climate change threaten a more violent activism.

Why and how fast is the spectrum of terrorist risk expanding? Where do the most immediate threats of violence lie and what are the key longer term trends business needs to worry about?


Chair: Dr Neil Melvin, Director of International Security Studies, RUSI
Speaker: Dr Jessica White, Research Fellow Terrorism and Conflict, RUSI

Preparing for Conflict and Violence Seminars

To provide insight into these trends, AIG and Talbot have partnered with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in a series of e-seminars.

Over three exclusive webinars RUSI experts will discuss the way the risk of conflict and violence has been evolving, where and how it might develop further, and what businesses can do to prepare. 

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