The Strategic Importance of Antarctica

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An address by Rear Admiral Jim Gilmour, Commander Joint Forces New Zealand.

Rear Admiral Gilmour regularly oversees joint and allied operations within New Zealand’s area of responsibility and beyond. With an area of interest spanning the greater Pacific region, the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic continent, he is a proponent of advancing Pacific partnerships as well as protecting strategic interests in the region.

In his address, Rear Admiral Gilmour will offer his views on the strategic importance of Antarctica, the threats to allied interests, and available mitigation approaches. He will also discuss how New Zealand – with one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones in the world – supports its interests within the region, as well as the difficulties of operating in the pandemic environment.

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Rear Admiral Jim Gilmour was appointed Commander Joint Forces New Zealand in 2018. During his distinguished career, he has served as Director of Naval Capability Requirements and as New Zealand Defence Force Maritime Component Commander, and has been involved in many humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

The webinar is moderated by Dr Sarah Ashbridge, Research Fellow in Military Science, RUSI.

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