Russia and the Security of Europe

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An address by Mr Jonatan Vseviov, Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the challenges of deterring Russia in Europe.

The risk of serious military escalation between NATO and Russia is higher than it has ever been since the end of the Cold War. Estonia and the other Baltic states are now on the frontline of the developing tension between NATO and the Russian Federation.

In his current role, Mr Vseviov is a proponent of enhanced deterrence by allies and partners in the Baltic to ensure the security of the wider Euro-Atlantic region. In his address, he will offer his views on the role of Estonia within the European security structure, and advocate a repositioning of NATO to take account of Russian superiority in the Baltic region.

The webinar will be moderated by Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director, RUSI.

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Speaker's Biography

  • Jonatan Vseviov

    Mr Jonatan Vseviov was appointed Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in February 2021. He has also served as Ambassador of Estonia to the United States and Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Ministry of Defence.

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