RUSI Paper Launch – Targeting the Finances of Cybercrime

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Ranging from bank account takeovers to the theft of cryptocurrency, cybercrime has evolved into a major type of profit-generating crime. Since cybercrime is often financially motivated, disrupting related financial flows is an important addition to preventive efforts aimed at improving cybersecurity.

UK law enforcement agencies already seek to ‘follow the money’ to identify cybercriminals, as well as to confiscate the proceeds of cybercrime. Financial institutions are a crucial partner in those efforts, especially in cases involving ‘money mule’ accounts to transfer stolen funds.

This event will mark the launch of RUSI’s new paper that reviews the financial dimension of cybercrime and available responses. The presentation of the paper will be followed by a discussion with an expert panel including:

  • Iggy Azad, Detective Sergeant, Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit
  • Brian Dilley, Group Director, Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Maria Vello, CEO, Cyber Defence Alliance

The event will be held under the RUSI rule. All speeches and prepared remarks are ‘on the record’ and are attributable to the individual and the event organised by RUSI. All comments made in response to questions (i.e. non‐prepared remarks) are attributable neither to the individual nor to the event. Those wishing to quote any remark that is unattributable under these rules, should seek the permission of the person making the remark.

The event forms part of the Financial Crime 2.0 programme, which is generously sponsored by EY, Lloyds Banking Group and Refinitiv.

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