Richard Nephew on the Art of Sanctions: A View from the Field

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17 January 2017, 14:00

RUSI Whitehall

While sanctions have become a preferred tool used by Western policymakers to respond to international security threats, their effectiveness is often challenged. To achieve foreign policy aims, sanctions must consider the role of business and industry, and adapt to the tactics used by targets to evade sanctions. In his latest book, Richard Nephew draws on lessons learnt from past sanctions regimes and provides a practical framework for how sanctions can be designed, implemented and adapted with greater success.

Richard Nephew will be joined by Andrea Berger, Senior Research Associate and Senior Program Manager at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and Associate Fellow of RUSI, to discuss current trends in sanctions policy, and in particular the role played by global businesses in sanctions implementation.

The event will be chaired by Emil Dall, Research Fellow in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at RUSI, and co-convenor of RUSI's sanctions programme.

Richard Nephew is a Senior Research Scholar and Program Director at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Prior to this, he served as Director for Iran on the National Security Council at the White House and as Principal Deputy Coordinator for Sanctions Policy at the State Department. He was the lead sanctions expert for the U.S. team negotiating with Iran from August 2013 to December 2014.

Andrea Berger was previously Deputy Director of the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy team at RUSI, where she also co-headed the Institute's programme on the design and implementation of economic sanctions. In addition to her research work on sanctions policy and non-proliferation, Andrea directed the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI). Prior to joining RUSI, she has worked in an analytical and research capacity for a number of other organisations.

Richard will be on hand to sign copies of his latest book entitled The Art of Sanctions: A View from the Field (Columbia University Press: December 2017), which will be on sale.

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