Regional and International Security Perspectives on Pakistan

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General Pataudi, former Director General Strategic Intelligence and Analysis wing of Pakistan's ISI shall be sharing his insights on the role of Pakistan’s military and security services in combating terrorism since 9/11. 

Having commanded some key strategic positions in the Pakistan Army alongside the Indian and Afghan borders his career culminated as Director General Strategic Intelligence and Analysis wing of the ISI. General Pataudi is in a unique position to talk about Pakistan’s regional and international security. At a time when the overall security of the country is far improved there are still questions about Pakistan’s will to go after some of the groups that are seen as enemies of Afghanistan and India. At the same time the United States and Britain still perceive Pakistan as a vital ally in the fight against global terrorism. Given the emerging presence of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan there remain concerns that Pakistan could face the rising threat of ISIS and sectarian groups in Baluchistan and Karachi. 

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Pataudi went to Aitchison College before joining the Pakistan Military Academy. He graduated from the Pakistan Military Academy 63rd Long Course with the Sword of Honor (Best Leaving Cadet) and became an Armoured Corps officer joining Probyns Horse regiment. In 2005 he completed a course at the National Defence University, Islamabad during which time he wrote a paper on 'National Disaster Management Strategy' which served as the blue print for the formation of the National Disaster Management Authority. He was also the co-author and conceptual driver behind the Pakistan Army’s New War-fighting Concept, upon which all doctrine and war fighting plans are now based. He commanded 51 Armoured Brigade (Chhorr, 2006) under V Corps, the Brigade responsible for protecting Pakistan's southern border with India. He then became Chief of Staff, 5 Corps (Karachi) where he was responsible for all Corps operations and functions. He went on to become General Officer Commanding, 25 Mechanized Division, Malir (2008 - 2010) with responsibility for Karachi's internal security. In 2010 he was appointed Director General Strategic Intelligence and Analysis wing, ISI (Islamabad).

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