Project Sandstone: On the Trail of the Tae Yang - AIS Spoofing and North Korean Coal Smuggling

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At this event Project Sandstone will present their discovery of the evolving DPRK sanction evasion techniques taken from its latest research paper, 'On the Trail of the Tae Yang'.

Project Sandstone is a new initiative looking to analyse and disrupt North Korean illicit shipping networks using Open Source Intelligence. Their latest report focuses on the Tae Yang, a DPRK flagged coal vessel spoofing its AIS to cloak its illicit coal smuggling activity, in contravention of UN sanctions. This sophisticated new typology for evading sanctions has wide ranging implications for maritime industry and insurers, as well as policy makers working on the DPRK and sanctions implementation.

RUSI’s presentation will look at the methods used by Project Sandstones researchers used to track and identify vessels conducting illicit activity and will offer case studies, dissecting illicit DPRK shipping networks.

Led by James Byrne, Research Fellow, RUSI, Project Sandstone researchers will present the findings of their project, followed by a question and answer session.

To attend this event please register above, or if you have recieved an invitation, please contact Allana Howard,

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