People, Places and Military Spouses

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This event will launch a new RUSI Occasional Paper "People, Places and Military Spouses: An independent analysis of the dependant', written by Dr Gabriela Thompson.

The 2011 Armed Forces Covenant makes explicit that the British government has a responsibility towards military spouses. However, there has been no identifiable attempt to understand the lived experiences of spouses or to assess the adequacy of those processes and practices put in place to secure their continuing support for the military effort. 

A new RUSI Paper, People, Places and Military Spouses: An independent analysis of the dependant seeks to expose these experiences, which have so far been marginalised in the political debate, with a view to understanding the condition of UK military spouses in 2017. Based on the authors’ interpretation of official documents and numerous stories collected from participants, the work suggests that there are a number of difficulties and uncertainties the community is facing which, if they are truly valued, government and society  may want to consider and address.

The launch of this paper will be accompanied by a photographic portrait exhibition entitled ‘Not Just a Wife’, illustrating the multi-faceted identities of military spouses. Wendy Faux, the photographer, is a professional artist as well as a military wife herself. 

A drinks reception will begin at 1800, with the paper launch following at 1900.

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