OPEN TO ALL: Opportunities and Challenges in Iran-West Relations

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The signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (known as the JCPOA) in July 2015 was perceived as a potential turning point in bilateral ties between Iran and the West.

The agreement led to a partial rapprochement between Iran and the US during the last couple of years of the Obama administration; it also led to a full re-engagement, beyond the nuclear dossier, by the EU, which triggered a large number of visits to Tehran by trade and political delegations from most EU capitals to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

 However, the uncertainty over the US approach towards Iran following Trump’s election, as well as the outcome and impact of the looming Iranian elections on the country’s stance towards the West raise questions about the future of the JCPOA and, more generally, the potential for a full normalisation of Iran-West ties.

Speakers will include:

Gholamali Chegnizadeh Associated Professor at the Allameh Tabatabaei University, expert on international and regional security.

Sir Simon Gass Acting Chief Operating Officer at the Commonwealth Secretariat, former Political Director at the FCO (2013-2016) leading the UK team at the E3+3/Iran nuclear talks.

Edmund Herzig Professor of Persian Studies at the University of Oxford, expert on history, national identity and the state in modern Iran

Nasser Hadian Jazy Professor of political science and international relations at the University of Tehran.

Mohammad Reza Takhshid Dean of the Faculty Of Law and Political Science and  Professor of International Relations at the University of Tehran.

The discussion will be moderated by RUSI Research Fellow Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi.

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