OPEN TO ALL: Book Launch - 2020: World of War

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Inspired by General Sir John Hackett’s book, The Third World War which was published forty years ago, Paul Cornish and Kingsley Donaldson examine the security challenges facing the world today and explore how events might unfold. And if events should unfold in this way, they ask whether security, defence and national strategy are sufficiently prepared to deal with these scenarios.

The lead authors of 2020: World of War are both former British Army soldiers: Professor Paul Cornish is a nationally and internationally respected academic and analyst of security policy and defence strategy; Kingsley Donaldson is Director of the innovative and influential Causeway Institute for Peace-building and Conflict Resolution International. They guide us through a scenario-based analysis of international security and strategic challenges in 2020, offering compelling analysis and creative solutions to matters of global importance.

Given the complexity, volatility and diversity strategic threats and challenges, the authors argue that only through well-reasoned, scenario-based analysis can strategic risk be properly managed with serious strategic planning.

The Authors:

Paul Cornish was educated at the University of St Andrews and the London School of Economics. He then served in the British Army (Royal Tank Regiment) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before completing his PhD in strategic history at the University of Cambridge. He is Chief Strategist at Cityforum Public Policy Analysis and Visiting Professor at the National Security College, Australian National University.

Kingsley Donaldson is a retired Army officer. He has served on operations in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries in various roles that span from countering weapons of mass destruction through to negotiating with armed groups in Iraq. His last appointments at the Ministry of Defence were concerned with national defence and security strategy. He now advises a number of governments in his role as Director of the Causeway Institute for Peace-building Conflict Resolution International.

Opening remarks will be made by Lord George Robertson, former Secretary General NATO and the event will be chaired by Mr Josh Arnold-Forster, Senior Adviser, Hanover Communications.

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Refreshments will be available from 1730 and there will be a drinks reception following the event.

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