Nuclear Diplomacy in South Asia

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Dr. Yusuf will discuss high-stakes diplomacy between the two nuclear armed neighbours, India and Pakistan, and examine crisis management and specifically the role of international diplomacy in preventing major conflict. At a time of high tensions with Iran and North Korea over their own nuclear programs, he will also discuss what lessons the South Asian crises he has examined offer for these other theatres. The future of nuclear risk in South Asia and elsewhere is another crucial policy question his work addresses. As President Trump draws a strict policy on coercing Pakistan and reaches out for a full strategic partnership with India – what implications may this have for the stability of South Asia, especially in terms of American leverage to influence crisis moments to avoid major war in South Asia. 

Dr Moeed Yusuf is the associate vice president of the Asia center at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Yusuf has been engaged in expanding USIP’s work on Pakistan/South Asia since 2010. His current research focuses on youth and democratic institutions in Pakistan, policy options to mitigate militancy in Pakistan and the South Asian region in general, and U.S. role in South Asian crisis management. His latest book, Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments: U.S. Crisis Management in South Asia, is being released by Stanford University Press in 2018.

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