North Korea’s Evolving Missile Programme

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A panel of experts will examine the latest technological and strategic developments in North Korea’s evolving missile programme.

More isolated than ever before, North Korea has continued to test a range of sophisticated ballistic missile and short-range rocket technologies, adding to its arsenal of weapons and delivery systems. These have been prominently displayed in recent military parades, with the intent of signalling the country’s ability to successfully evade sanctions as well as its resolve to deter any external attempts to change the status quo.

In 2022 alone, Pyongyang conducted nine missile tests, including the first ICBM test in five years. Other systems that have allegedly been tested successfully include hypersonic glide vehicles and rail-mounted ballistic missiles designed to shoot-and-scoot inside the country’s mountainous terrain.

This webinar will explore recent developments in North Korea’s weapons and missile programme, with a particular emphasis on tests of sophisticated technology, in an effort to place these events in their wider strategic and political context.

The panellists are:

Joe Byrne, Research Fellow, Open-Source Intelligence and Analysis Research Group, RUSI

Dr Sidharth Kaushal, Research Fellow in Sea Power and Missile Defence, RUSI

Suzanne Raine, RUSI Trustee and former Head of the UK Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre

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