Modern Slavery and Security

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The Modern Slavery Act, enacted in March 2015, was an important milestone in the fight against slavery and for social justice. The legislation significantly enhances support and protection for victims, gives law enforcement the tools they need to target today’s slave drivers, ensures perpetrators can be severely punished and includes a world leading provision to encourage business to play a part in eradicating slavery from global supply chains.

Caroline Haughey’s independent review into the effectiveness of the criminal justice provisions in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 was commissioned by the Prime Minister in her previous role as Home Secretary. In her lecture, Caroline will discuss the manner in which the provisions are working two years on.

Caroline Haughey is a barrister at Furnival Chambers and prosecutes and defends across a wide variety of the most serious and high profile criminal cases. She has significant experience in a number of areas of health and safety law, regulatory work and associated areas such as inquests. Caroline has developed a reputation for prosecuting and defending cases where ‘novel law’ / sensitive matters are in issue.
She has a particular interest in human trafficking, organised crime, firearms, drugs and violence offences. Caroline was appointed to the Modern Slavery Task Force, which is being chaired by the Prime Minister, in September 2016.

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