Military History Lecture - The Great Power Struggle in East Asia, 1944-50: Britain, America and Post-War Rivalry

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A lecture by Dr Christopher Baxter, Research Fellow in Intelligence History, Queen's University Belfast.

This lecture will focus on British policy towards China, Japan and Korea from the final stages of the Second World War to the outbreak of the Korean War. Dr Baxter will assess the significance of this policy in the broader context of Far Eastern developments, the beginnings of the Cold War, dealings with the Commonwealth and, above all, relations with the United States. Based upon research in British, American and Australian archives, he will examine the tensions that emerged within the Anglo-American relationship as the United States sought to dominate the East Asian agenda and Britain agonised over her international role in the region.

Dr Christopher Baxter is a Research Fellow in Intelligence History at Queen's University Belfast. He was formerly one of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's resident historians and is currently working on the Official History of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) with Professor Keith Jeffery. He is the co-editor of Diplomats at War: British and Commonwealth Diplomacy in Wartime (2008). 

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