Military History Lecture - The Battle of Britain: A Reassessment

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A lecture by James Holland, writer and historian of the Second World War.

Seventy years after the Battle of Britain, James Holland will argue the battle is viewed predominantly through the narrow prism of the Allied experience, and particularly the perspective of RAF Fighter Command. Having studied the German experience in the summer of 1940, he will present a very different picture that questions many of the myths that have become so entrenched in the intervening years. James will make a case that not only should the battle be seen as a bigger, wider clash between Britain and Germany, but one in which the stakes were even higher than has more recently been claimed.

James Holland is a writer and historian of the Second World War. He has written accounts of the Siege of Malta, the North African campaign, the war in Italy and most recently the Battle of Britain, which has been a Sunday Times bestseller. He has also written and presented a film on the subject for BBC2, to be broadcast this September.

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